MASSIVE UPDATE - 6 New Cars + Body Kits! - CarX Drift Racing

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CarX Drift Racing Online massive update that brings us 6 new cars. The new drift cars are Equator D, Interstate, Hummel, Kitsune, Rattlesnake and Grace GR. The Equator D that is on the Thumbnail is Infinity G35 which is SlapTrain's real life car. In this video I'm showing you how I tune my cars for No Assist 900 degrees drifting as well. Did a couple of quick tunes for all the cars so I could use my Thrustmaster T300RS GT steering wheel. I'll do more No Assist car tunes in CarX Drift Racing Online very soon! The drift physics on the new cars are overall amazing. Very good update that finally gives us the Honda NSX. There's a lot of body kits added into the game as well. Wellington S20 car model has been reworked. I showed you how to enable the Beta PTR game version as well to get early access to the new cars.

Outro song: Watch Closely (Clean Version) - Iso Indies

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