Answering YOUR Genshin Impact Questions (and my real age...) | Genshin Impact

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Hope this is a helpful FAQ videos regarding myself and Genshin Impact! If you have any more questions feel free to ask away :)

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00:00 - Food hotkey (Instant food)
02:00 - Bounty mistakes
03:04 - Where to make NRE
03:25 - Why I have so many artifacts
04:06 - My age????
04:40 - In depth guides about X characters
07:30 - Is X character better than Y or Z?
08:50 - Main Traveller showcase when?
10:14 - Is this the best team/character I have?
14:20 - Tier Lists & Best character in the game?
16:10 - Ask away any bonus Qs you have!
16:47 - My favourite characters
18:33 - How do I have so much time to do XYZ?
21:45 - Will I make my videos shorter?
22:17 - Outro!

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